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“Invest with integrity” is more than a slogan. It defines us. Baker, Brose & Mitsutome have built our reputation on trust and integrity, and this remains central to the way we conduct our business. Integrity is not something that is taught, but a way of life for our team as we strive to make a difference in our families, in our community, and in our client’s lives. We aren’t perfect, but integrity is core to the way we operate and treat our clients.

At Baker, Brose & Mitsutome, we are proud to be held to the “Fiduciary Standard”. The Fiduciary Standard, as compared to the lower Suitability Standard, is the highest benchmark to which an advisor can be held. A Fiduciary must be loyal to his client at all times; always putting the interests of his client before his own or those of the firm he represents. At Baker, Brose & Mitsutome, the Fiduciary Standard and the integrity with which we run our firm go hand-in-hand.



Baker, Brose & Mitsutome is a fee-based financial advisor—we do not sell products of our own and we do not receive any 12b-1 fees, incentives, or have any revenue-sharing arrangements with third parties. We do not have any affiliations with banks, investment managers, or administrative service providers. Baker, Brose & Mitsutome maintains strict independence so that there will never be a conflict of interest with third parties that might distort our objectivity. As legal fiduciaries, our sole commitment is to serve each client’s best interests.


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