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We strive to understand our clients and help them work towards their goals.

The first step we take in this process is to get to know you.  We discuss current, expected, and possibly unexpected circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance.  We recognize that each client is different and financial plans should be uniquely tailored to each individual. 

Once we are acquainted, some common questions we can help clients answer include: 

  1. Retirement planning
    1. How long will my savings last? 
    2. How would renting or selling my home impact my finances?
    3. How much longer should I work to feel confident that I will have enough?
    4. Should I do a Roth conversion?  
    5. How much will I save if I move to another state?
  2. Estate planning and gifting
    1. How much will my heirs likely inherit?
    2. How do I talk with my children or other beneficiaries about financial stewardship?
    3. What are the benefits of using a 529 or Coverdell ESA for education savings?
    4. Is it necessary to have a living trust?
  3. Investment strategy
    1. How much risk am I currently taking?
    2. What are my other investment options?
    3. How do my investments impact my taxes?
  4. Insurance products
    1. Should I surrender my annuity?
    2. Would a fixed annuity reduce my risk?
    3. What is the difference between a fee-only investment advisor and a broker?
    4. Do I have enough life insurance? 
  5. Charitable gifting
    1. What is a donor advised fund?
    2. What is donation bunching?
    3. Is it better to donate cash or appreciated assets? 
  6. Business retirement plans
    1. How do I set-up a retirement plan for myself or my employees?
    2. What type of plan would be the best fit for my business?
    3. What are the risks involved with starting a retirement plan and how do I mitigate them?
    4. How do I encourage employees to participate in the plan?
    5. How can I use it as an employee retention and acquisition tool? 
    6. Is my current plan provider charging too much? 
    7. What administrative tasks can I outsource?

After we provide this information and the client decides how to proceed, we help them implement their decision.  We will meet regularly to monitor progress and update the plan.  

In everything we do, our focus is on our clients and their goals.

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