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Portfolio Management

At Integrity Wealth Partners, we have an extensive knowledge of portfolio management.  We work with each client to determine the appropriate level of risk, time horizon, and liquidity needs for their portfolio.  

We evaluate investment allocation data from some of the world’s most recognized investment managers, then merge this data with our own proprietary in-house research in order to derive our investment models.  When evaluating investment opportunities, we utilize the same software used by the nation’s largest retirement fund managers, helping to ensure the most prudent investments.  

For clients with concentrated positions in highly appreciated stock, we further customize portfolios to help offset over-allocation to any one sector.  For clients with these concentrated positions, we offer a call-overwrite strategy to help generate income while reducing risk.  

We believe in active selection of closed end funds.  We seek to identify CEFs that are priced at a discount to their net asset value. 

Give us a call if we can help construct a portfolio or investment strategy for you!