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2021 Outlook

2021 Outlook | Investment Management

2020 was a rough year for many of us. COVID hit hard and as a result, many of us have spent the better part of a year isolated in our homes, away from family and loved ones.  But the news is not all negative…the markets behaved reasonably well in 2020 and we are cautiously optimistic that 2021 will continue this broad economic recovery.  In addition, we are starting to see some vaccinations across the United States.  We expect that in the coming weeks and months, we will see vaccine supply chains become more organized and numerous and the vaccine become widely distributed and administered.

Published on: 01/27/2021  |   Category: Investment Management  Financial Plan 

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Pending Election Portfolio Update

Pending Election Portfolio Update | Investment Management

In March, the stock market fell sharply as investors sold stocks and hoarded toilet paper.  

Published on: 10/16/2020  |   Category: Investment Management 

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We Do Not Know

We Do Not Know | Investment Management

The range of opinions surrounding COVID-19 has shifted dramatically over the last few weeks.  We do not know, and we do not pretend to know, how many people will be harmed by this virus or for how long it will slow global markets.   In addition, the extent of future government actions to contain the virus is unclear.  We at Integrity Wealth Partners consider ourselves partners in your financial success.  As your partners, we feel it is important to keep you updated as to both our general market outlook as well as our operational plan moving forward.

Published on: 03/19/2020  |   Category: Investment Management 

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Exciting News!

Exciting News! | Investment Management

You may have seen the news…TD Ameritrade is eliminating base commissions for online exchange-listed stock, ETF (domestic and Canadian), and options trades, moving from $6.95 to $0.00.

Published on: 10/03/2019  |   Category: Investment Management 

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Cash Secured Puts vs Call Overwrite

Cash Secured Puts vs Call Overwrite | Investment Management

If you are an investor searching for yield, you may have heard about selling cash secured puts and/or call overwrite.  Both strategies appear attractive because the options seller receives money (the premium) today and might not need to do anything in the future.  In addition, there is some research that suggests selling options may be profitable.  Both strategies have risks that are important to consider and for some investors neither strategy may be appropriate.  Rather than evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of option selling as an investment strategy, this article will explain some of the key differences between selling cash secured puts and call overwrite.

Published on: 08/22/2019  |   Category: Investment Management  Financial Plan 

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The Power of Passive

The Power of Passive | Investment Management

Explanations for the mass exodus from active to passive funds have included low stock dispersion and a long bull market. But William F. Sharpe’s fundamental arithmetic makes no assumptions about correlation or the direction of the market.

Published on: 12/03/2018  |   Category: Investment Management 

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