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Tax Risk and Roth Conversions

Tax Risk and Roth Conversions | Investment Management

Many retirees with a steady income from their 401(k) or traditional IRA accounts may have never considered a Roth conversion strategy.  Other retirees might have looked at a Roth conversion in the past but thought it might not be for them because paying the required taxes up front can be a tough pill to swallow.

Published on: 08/23/2019  |   Category: Financial Plan  Taxes 

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Cash Secured Puts vs Call Overwrite

Cash Secured Puts vs Call Overwrite | Investment Management

If you are an investor searching for yield, you may have heard about selling cash secured puts and/or call overwrite.  Both strategies appear attractive because the options seller receives money (the premium) today and might not need to do anything in the future.  In addition, there is some research that suggests selling options may be profitable.  Both strategies have risks that are important to consider and for some investors neither strategy may be appropriate.  Rather than evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of option selling as an investment strategy, this article will explain some of the key differences between selling cash secured puts and call overwrite.

Published on: 08/22/2019  |   Category: Investment Management  Financial Plan 

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